iVMS-4500 – Download APK for Android, iPhone/iPad & PC Device

The application iVMS-4500 is designed for the users to get the live view of the footage of cameras installed at his/her office or home. This app enables the person to have the view of the CCTV cameras installed on the desired place whenever he wants.

Security is a basic necessity of life. A businessman has a lot of benefits to this application. He cannot always remain in the office and keep an eye on his employees. By using iVMS-4500 application on his mobile phone or PC now he feels that he is never away from his office.

This application has solved a lot of issues of the people who have a concern about their security cameras. This application is launched by Hikvision. This company is famous for providing different security enhancement products.

This application is also design by keeping in mind almost all the problems of the people while using other apps on their mobiles or PC. This application is used to enjoy the remote view of the Hikvision DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras.

Features of iVMS-4500 App

Some of the beneficial features of this application are:

  • The application has a great feature by which the user can monitor the local as well as remote devices. All Hikvision devices can be linked with this app.
  • The video playback feature is present. It enables the user to view the recorded video on the DVR when he gets time. The user has to click on the remote playback menu.
  • It allows the user to monitor the maximum of 16 cameras at a time. The layout of the cameras includes 1, 4, 9 or 16 cameras at the same time. The button is provided to view the number of cameras a user needs.
  • The iVMS-4500application can manage up to 256 Hikvision devices.
  • The menu of the application allows the user to choose the date to view the playback videos.
  • There are 5 control buttons included in the menu of the application.
  • The screenshots feature of the app is just one click away from you. You can take pictures of the screen and the picture is installed directly into the device on which you are using this application.
  • The recording button is available. You can make your mobile or PC to record the video when you click the button. The recording stops when you click the button again.
  • A wonderful feature of pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) is also available. When you press the PTZ button the function is activated and you can use these three features which watching the live streaming from your security cameras.
  • The button to change the video resolution, frame rate and the stream type of videos is available. This feature makes you able to view the video according to your demand. The resolution and frame dimensions adjustments have made the application easy to use on any device.
  • The video stream start or stop button is available in the menu of the application. By pressing this button you can start or stop the live footage of your cameras.
  • The playback feature allows the user to record the video and edit it if he wants to remove any part from the video.

How To Download iVMS-4500 App on Android & iOS?

The download and installation process is very easy on both Android and iOS mobile devices. You just need to follow the following simple steps to run this application on your Android or Apple phone:

  • First of all, you need to download this application from Google Play Store for your Android phone and if you are an iOS user you can download the application from Apple Store.
  • Open the Play Store or Apple Store then in the search icon you have to type iVMS-4500 App name. When the page of the application opens you will see an install button. Click on the button the app will be installed automatically on your mobile phone.

iVMS-4500 App Download

  • When the app will installed then it is ready to use. Go on the app icon and open it.

Steps To Add Your Devices To The App

When you have installed this app on your mobile phone now you need to add the devices to view live streaming. These steps are:

#1 Step:

When you will open this application you will see the three parallel bars on the left top corner of the page. Click the bars.

#2 Step:

When you will click the bars a list of the menu will appear. You have to select the devices option from the list.

#3 Step:

When you will open the devices option the + symbol will appear on the top left corner of the page. Click the + symbol to add the device you need.

#4 Step:

Now many options to add a device will appear. You can manually add the device or scan the QR code of your DVR. The easiest method is to add the device is to add it manually. Select the option of manual adding.

Devices Option

#5 Step:

Now a page asking the details of your new device will appear. You need to mention the serial number of your DVR.

#6 Step:

Now provide the username and password. After that click the save button to save your DVR to this application.

Now you are ready to view the live streaming from the cameras you have installed on the DVR you have added.

How To Get iVMS-4500 App on PC Windows & Mac?

To use this application on PC you need to install Android emulators in your PC. Android emulator can be BlueStacks or NOX App player. You will download this app using these emulators. These emulators make the app to run smoothly on your PC.

After installing the app now you need to follow the above-mentioned steps to add your DVR in the application. Now you can enjoy the live streaming of your cameras on a big screen as compared to the mobile phone. The resolution and the frame adjustment features of the app make its running smooth on the PC.

Follow the following steps to install this app on your PC:

  • Install an Android emulator from any website by checking the rating.
  • When the emulator is being installed you should open the emulator.
  • Then search for iVMS-4500 using this application.
  • The install button will appear on the page. Just click the button and the installation will begin.

After installation, you will be able to view live footage of your security cameras after adding the DVR.